Maybe it is all of the rain lately this summer, but while working on a new Rainforest Butterflies pattern,¬† I’ve been thinking a lot of tropical places!

Blue Morpho butterfly, photographed by Annie Spratt, Unsplash.comI’ve been working on some creative briefs this summer and have been captivated while researching beautiful butterflies and moths. The butterfly in the pattern was inspired by the gorgeous Blue Morpho butterfly found in the rainforests of the Amazon. The photo on the left, by photographer Annie Spratt¬†shows a Blue Morpho in real life. These huge beauties have a giant wing spread of five to eight inches.

I added some ferns and pebbles to cool off the scene against the warm ochre background in the pattern. Rainforests are steamy places but they abound with waterfalls and, well, lots of rain.

I’ll be uploading this new pattern to my shops online and will add the links within the next day or two once they’re available for fabric, gift wrap and other items.

I’ve really enjoyed working on these motifs and like how the pattern came together. I’ll be creating some coordinates and illustrations that coincide and will share once they are ready.

Dia de los Muertos motifs- Lori Krout DesignMeanwhile, I have a few new briefs to finish. Next up- a fun pattern I am working on with a Mexican folk art flair. I’m having fun with lots of calacas (skeletons), colorful scrollwork and other Dia de los Muertos (a.k.a. Day of the Dead) motifs. Can’t wait to make something new to wear to the big Casa Tina celebration in Dunedin, FL which will take place on October 2oth this year. Here’s a sneak peek- more soon!