Project Skill: Pen and Ink

Lori Krout Design Art and Illustration

Visit Lori Krout Design to see the various styles that artist, Lori Krout, creates for illustration, surface pattern design and wall art. Contact Lori through her website to discuss custom work or licensing projects for personal or commercial use.

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Watercolor Palm Tree View

I painted this watercolor palm tree view of St Joseph Sound after taking a walk in Ozona and standing at the end of one of the streets that ends right at the water. A light breeze was blowing and the sun was shining. I never take for granted that I am living in such a beautiful place where I can enjoy the pleasures of nature. It was painted on cold press watercolor paper and includes pen and ink...

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Nature’s Gifts Symbol Set

The Nature’s Gifts symbol set includes a variety of natural elements- flowers, fruits, foliage, a dove, ribbon and other adornments captured in a bold woodcut look. I was inspired to create the heavy lines you see here after visiting one of my favorite local restaurants, Casa Tina in Dunedin, and taking some photos of some of the amazing carved wooden folk art they have collected from Mexico. This was drawn using a Pentel pocket brush pen (ink), then digitally arranged and colored in...

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Flowers and Moons Print

A whimsical floral, the Flowers and Moons print is perfect for fashion, bolt fabric, home decor and gift. Additional colorways are available to create a perfect fit with your brand. Please contact Lori for more information regarding licensing...

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Water Lilies

I painted these water lilies during a visit to the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo Florida. While there, I made a black and white painting using a Pentel pocket brush and took some photos of the scene well before the color faded as it got closer to closing time. Once back in my studio. I painted the colors in with gouache and added the background digitally. There’s something that gives me a little Art Nouveau flavor in this. Maybe one day I will add some gold...

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