I’ve been working on the 100 Day Challenge and painted in gouache on paper in my sketchbook today.

Today, my sister gifted me with a family treasure! My aunt had given her a set of china in the Franciscan Desert Rose pattern many years ago, and I have always loved the painterly quality of the flowers, stems and leaves. The colors are a muddied rose pink, a variety of greens, yellow centers for the flowers and brown gnarled stems. I love them.

This is a partial set with most of the pieces made in California in the late 1940’s. Most of the set is original with a few add-ons made in later years.

I especially love the teacup because the handle is a gnarled brown stem.

I’ve included a photo of one of the plates. Image source: Replacements.com

china plate Desert Rose pattern

This china plate shows the original Desert Rose pattern by Franciscan.