Dear Website is an introductory graphic for Lori Krout Design's website.

Dear website,
You’ve been in my head for so long now and, to tell the truth, you’ve been a bit of an unruly child along the way. You’ve wanted to go this way and that and you’ve stomped your feet in tantrums sometimes to get my attention or distract me, but today is the day. You are finally allowed to shine! We did it! You are in the internet sunshine where people can see you and we can do our work together.  Let’s do this thing.

Getting to this day has been a ridiculously long process. I knew I wanted a website to showcase my art and illustration work, but had an entirely different site built with different aims first and changed my mind to go after my true passion. I tried to shoehorn that site into what I wanted to do here but it just didn’t work. Soooo, a year later, I completely began building this site from scratch and (with a lot of help) was able to have the functionality I want both for now and for the future of this site. So yeah. I am pretty pleased today.

It’s still the morning, so no champagne yet, but I will surely toast later to the satisfaction I feel to be at the end of this time of working in the back boiler room, so to speak, and bringing my chair and art table out into the front of the shop. I look forward to working near a sunny window, going about my business of making the work I love and meeting all of the wonderful people that I will meet through this adventure.

It’s a very happy day!