Creating Patterns is so much fun and I have really renewed my interest in making them after being a beta tester for the new course and complete system for that works with Adobe Illustrator called Pattern it Up. Artist and textile/surface pattern designer, Oksana Pasishnychenko, has been creating patterns for over ten years and came up with several systems to make the process of creating patterns easier, faster and more fun.

Three selections from the Breezy Summer Windo Pattern collection by Lori Krout Design. Happy colors and lots of flowers make up this collection.

Here’s another recent pattern collection, Breezy Kitchen Window.

I’ve really enjoyed the process so much and have continued on this path because it is so addictive!

There are many ways to teach how to make seamless pattern repeats and I’ve had many amazing courses before including Bonnie Christine’s (Roost Tribe) and Rachael Taylor’s (Make It in Design/The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design.)

Oksana’s Pattern it Up system, though, has really changed a lot of the ways I have worked previously by automating many tasks in the process using Illustrator templates, scripts, actions and symbols. In addition to being able to speed up the process and not have to think about the mathematics involved in repeating patterns, I’ve really taken a keen interest in her system of naming, saving and organizing files and using some of her automation process for some of that as well.

On top of all of this, Oksana and her husband created a way to automate saving files in different sizes, resolutions and necessary file types that can then be easily submitted to print on demand and microstock sites and she trains her students how to get completely set up and submit the artwork to the main sites that can eventually drive an income if we keep working at it.

I have really enjoyed learning this process and getting into it a lot more.

If you are looking for a fresh new way to work, you can learn more about the Pattern it Up course by contacting Oksana through her website, or joining her public Facebook group, Repeat Pattern Design Mastermind.